Collage Series

December 30, 2016

Red Collage, dimensions variable, 2016

My most recent artwork focuses on cultural consumption, in this case through appropriating and re-imagining print media to create dynamic and semi-abstract collage installations. For my primary source material, I cull images from women’s fashion magazines such as the Condé Nast publication Vogue. I am inspired by the visual experience of these magazines and how by design they convey a calculated seductive quality evident in even the smallest visual details. From the glossy paper to the color palettes to the iconography, these magazines are designed to elicit desire in consumers as well as appeal to the perceived desire of their audience. In my process, I first search through the magazines to select pieces based on their formal elements such as color, shape, and form. I then use these now decontextualized pieces as elements for my own compositions, which are created both intentionally and intuitively. The end result is an explosion of related shapes and color that borders on abstraction and incorporates elements of contemporary American consumer culture.

Gold Collage, dimensions variable, 2016

Gold Collage, Installation at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, 8ft x 5.11ft, 2017

Silver Collage, dimensions variable, 2016

Silver Collage, Installation at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, 8ft x 3.7ft, 2017

Red Collage Number 2, dimensions variable, 2016

Red Collage Number 2, Installation at Daemen College, 2016