Fulbright Project

Fulbright Project creative team (L-R): West, Hayley, Adi, Brita, Lauren, Alyssa, Amber, Chloe, Tia

This four week intensive project offered an opportunity for USC (University of the Sunshine Coast, AU) students in Design and Creative Media Industries to work with Brita d’Agostino, designer, educator, and international Fulbright Specialist in producing a digital artefact that employs creative design communication in supporting aspirations and opportunities for people from Queensland’s Moreton Bay region.

The creative student team conducted interviews with current, prospective, and former USC students with connections to the Moreton Bay region asking interviewees to reflect on their future aspirations and hopes for themselves and their community. The resulting multimedia website, Voices of the Bay, gives voice to current, prospective, and former students regarding their hopes, and the role of education in attaining their goals. The result also reflects the leadership, skillsets, and contributions of all creative student team members.

This educational opportunity was made possible by The USC design teaching team and the Fulbright Exchange Program. Special thanks to USC Lisa Chandler, Alistair Ward, and Uwe Turton for educational project development and support.

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